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A bicyclist is suing the local city government where she was injured in a bicycle accident while on a bicycle trail last summer. The woman suffered a punctured lung and five broken ribs, according to the complaint.bicycle

According to the News and Sentinel, at the time of the incident, city workers from the small metro area in Ohio were reportedly washing the embankment and, to do so, pulled a fire hose across a bike path. However, they failed to issue any notification to users of the bike path that the path might be obstructed or to use caution. Plaintiff was riding her bike downhill when she suddenly struck the inflated hose filled with water. The hose, she would later say, wasn’t obvious to riders from a distance and she didn’t notice it until it was too late to stop. It was later noted by a member of council at a public meeting that this was the third such injury in three years that had been reported to the city involving these hoses, and, in the councilman’s own words, the hose should have been marked with the use of traffic cones, which he called, “just a basic standard rule of work.”

The issue was previously raised by the council member to trail committees, but there was no adequate response on the issue prior to this bicycle accident. In one of the memos he issued to the committee responsible for maintaining the path, he noted that the city is responsible for ensuring visitors and residents alike are safe, and there is “no excuse for people to get unnecessarily hurt.” Continue reading

The 31-year-0ld father committed himself to getting healthier for his wife of a year-and-a-half and 13-month-old daughter. He wanted to be the best dad he could be. So he took up bicycling, which is known to be an excellent way to get some exercise and improve both physical and mental well-being. bicyclenight1

But all that was cut short recently in a Spartanburg bicycle accident. According to, the fatal crash happened around 6:45 p.m. on S.C. Highway 101 in Spartanburg, near Woodruff. Although the exact details haven’t been released, it appears the driver of a Toyota sport utility vehicle struck the young man from behind. The cyclist was wearing a helmet, but was rushed to Spartaburg Regional Hospital with critical injuries. Shortly thereafter, he was pronounced dead.

The driver of the SUV was not cited for any infraction at the scene, though authorities were careful to note that the Multi-jurisdictional Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) was continuing to investigate. The agencies involved did not rule out the possibility of charges being filed at a later date.  Continue reading

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