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Earlier this year, a school bus driver in Belmont, N.C. was charged with reckless driving by the North Carolina Highway Patrol after the driver allegedly overturned the bus with four students on board. The bus was approaching a sharp curve on a wet road and the driver ran off the muddy shoulder, covered with wet leaves, losing control of the bus. Thankfully, according to, no serious injuries were reported. school bus

Unfortunately, not all students in school bus accidents are so fortunate. One such case in California involved a driver who passed out behind the wheel, causing the school bus to smash into a tree while 11 children were on board. That was in 2014. The driver is charged with numerous felonies, including child abuse and endangerment and inflicting great bodily injury. Now, the OCRegister reports the school district has agreed to pay $10 million to the families of five of those children who were seriously injured. Their parents had filed lawsuits alleging the district was negligent in failing to heed warnings signs that the driver suffered from a serious medical condition and was not fit to be driving, let alone be responsible for safety and well-being of children.

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Many Americans and visitors rely on buses and shuttles as a form of daily transportation. Others seek them out for long-distance travel or on short trips around airports and hotels. These vehicles – and those entrusted to drive them – are supposed to be safe. All too often, though, we are reminded of cases in which they are not, proving how vulnerable we are in bus accidents.bus

Recently, an appeals court in California affirmed a decision by a trial court in Gee v. Greyhound Lines, Inc. to set aside the dismissal of a plaintiff’s bus accident claim and allow her to proceed in her quest for damages.

According to records from the California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District in Sacramento, the plaintiff filed her claim in July 2012, alleging that she suffered injuries from a motor vehicle accident in July 2010, in which she was a passenger on a commercial bus. The driver, now deceased, was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed, causing the bus to slam into two other vehicles before colliding with a tree. The plaintiff stated claims for general negligence, intentional tort, and product liability. She reportedly suffered physical and emotional injuries as a result of the bus accident and sought compensation for medical expenses, wage losses, loss of earning capacity, and punitive damages.

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Two children in Missouri were passengers on a school bus that collided with a pickup truck. Each of the two children were seriously injured. schoolbuswithchild1

The parents of this children separately sued a myriad of defendants in state court, including the manufacturer and retailer of the bus and its brakes. The families alleged that, among other failures, the brakes on the bus were defective and this was a proximate cause of the crash. The company that sold the bus was originally a party to each of these actions, but was later not named in amended complaints.

The cases were consolidated, went to trial and jurors found in favor of defendants. Later, plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the bus retailer in federal court. However, the district court granted defense motion to dismiss on grounds the claim was prohibited based on a legal principle known as res judicata, which is claim preclusion. Plaintiffs appealed. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Appellate District affirmed on the alternative grounds of collateral estoppel, which is a type of issue preclusion. Continue reading

A 12-year-old girl is recovering in Greenville after being struck by a vehicle at her school bus stop as she was attempting to board. The driver of the sport utility vehicle that struck her is a 53-year-old man who lacks a driving license, authorities say. He was later located and arrested and charged with unlawfully passing a stopped school bus, driving without a license and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.schoolbus4

According to news reports, the bus was stopped on Highway 150, and it was shortly before 7 a.m. The 12-year-old walked across a private drive in order to board the bus. Meanwhile, the offending driver, in his 1996 Chevrolet sport utility vehicle, drove off the right side of the road in order to pass the bus. That’s when he struck the girl.

Although her injuries were deemed minor in comparison to what they could have been in the situation, she may well have cause for legal action against at least three parties here. Continue reading

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