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Authorities are investigating a fall down an elevator shaft at a Pennsylvania correctional facility that proved fatal for both a correctional officer and an inmate.


According to The New York Times, the pair were engaged in a scuffle following a verbal argument over the fact the inmate was being made to take the stairs, rather than the elevator, after playing basketball. They crashed through an elevator door and fell some five stories down the elevator shaft. Another corrections officer who was assisting the first just narrowly avoided plunging 70 feet down the shaft as well.

The elevator was reportedly on its way up from the first floor at the time of the accident. The 27-year-old inmate’s death was ruled accidental, but the 25-year-old guard’s death was ruled a homicide.  Continue reading

Many people enjoy visiting the mall or stores, finding shopping to be a soothing activity. Others, of course, will go into stores only when they absolutely have to buy something. Regardless of whether you are a frequent shopper or someone who gets dragged into the mall kicking and screaming, it is important to keep some basic shopping safety tips in mind.

Hazards exist in shopping malls and retail establishments that can affect everyone. Children and adults alike are both at risk of injury, especially in certain areas like escalators or if store owners and shop keepers fail to keep their establishments up properly. 604006_shoppingcenter.jpg

Our North Carolina personal injury lawyers see accident victims regularly who got hurt on a day out during a shopping trip that was supposed to be fun. As the prime shopping season approaches, we want to offer some shopping safety tips to help you avoid injury and stay safe while out doing your shopping.

Dangers and Pitfalls That Can Lead to Shopping Accidents
Shopping accidents can happen anywhere and in any store, from a grocery store to a big box store to the finest department store. However, there are certain situations where shopping accidents are more likely to occur. These include:

  • When riding on an escalator.
  • When riding in an elevator.
  • When trying to access items on high shelves.
  • When aisles are narrower.
  • When merchandise is stored in an unsafe way.
  • When floors are wet and cleaning is taking place.

Any of these situations creates a potential danger. Slipping and falling, having a shoe lace caught in an escalator or having boxes or crates fall on you are all possible scenarios that could occur during your shopping expedition.

Staying Safe and Avoiding Shopping Accidents
To help avoid shopping accidents, it is a wise idea to make sure that you are aware of the dangers. If you see precariously stacked boxes or a potential wet floor, for example, steer clear. You should also ensure your shoes and your children’s shoes are securely tied before getting onto an escalator.

Ultimately, however, it is incumbent upon store owners to take the necessary steps to keep patrons safe and to help prevent accidents. Store owners and shopkeepers owe a very high duty of care to guests at their establishments and they are obligated to inspect the premises regularly to identify any potential risks. If and when a shopkeeper or store owner identifies a potential source of danger, they need to either correct the problem or warn their patrons.

If a store owner or shopkeeper fails to keep patrons safe by ignoring or even creating a dangerous hazard, the owner/operator of the store can be held liable for damages. The Asheville personal injury attorneys at Lee Law Offices can help you to take action.
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Few of us give any thought to using an elevator or escalator in a department store, mall or residential building. But the fact is, North Carolina elevator and escalator accidents are a common risk, particularly for children and older adults.

The holiday shopping season brings more people to the mall than at any other time of the year. Wet floors, crowding and poor maintenance are just a few of the causes of elevator and escalator accidents. Our Charlotte injury lawyers wish each of you an enjoyable holiday season and urge you to pay extra attention to children and the elderly around elevators and escalators.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that more than 17,000 people a year are injured each year in accidents on escalators or elevators.

Safety tips include:

-Clothing can be caught in elevators or escalators. Secure loose items, including shoestrings, scarves and long coats.

-Avoid edges, where entrapment most frequently occurs.

-Know where the emergency shutoff is located.

-Always supervise a child on an elevator or escalator.

-Do not allow a child to play on an escalator or elevator.

-Do not sit on escalator steps or handrails.

-Never ride an escalator with a stroller, handcart or other device.

-Face forward and use handrails.
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