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In the days immediate following the fatal Amtrak derailment accident in Philadelphia, we were seeing around-the-clock coverage of the incident. Each day, we learned new details about the speed of the train and some of the conditions surrounding the deadly derailment.

ready-chef-1382058-m.jpgAt one point, there was speculation bullets hit the train and two others in the immediate area, and, after the FBI said this did not occur, the focus turned to operator fatigue as a possible cause. We also heard about the number of victims killed in the fatal train accident and the large number of passengers who were injured in the crash.

While the news media has somewhat moved on to other stories, as eventually happens with any major story, we are still learning new information about the train crash. We are also hearing the personal stories of those injured in the derailment.

According to a recent report from NBC Philadelphia, a famous chef and owner of a local restaurant was one of the victims on board the train that day, and as a result of the train accident, he suffered severe injuries to his spinal cord.
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According to a recent news report from the Daily Mail, actress Tori Spelling, best known for her role as Donna Martin on Beverly Hills 90210, was at a Japanese restaurant in California when she suffered a serious burn injury.

chopsticks-4-999335-m.jpgAccording to witnesses, Spelling along with her husband, four children, and other guests were at a Japanese hibachi restaurant to celebrate Easter. Spelling was laughing and speaking with their brunch party when she tripped and fell onto a hot hibachi grill. This is a type of restaurant where they cook food at guest’s tables for entertainment.

Witnesses say Spelling fell backwards onto the grill and her right arm hit the grill. She screamed in pain and had what is described as a large burn on the back of her right arm. She apparently remained in the restaurant to finish brunch with her family and friends, and was able to get a better look at the burn when they stepped outside.

One witnesses to the burn injury said you could see Spelling was hurt, but she was trying to be brave for the sake of her children. She first tried to care for the burn at home, but her pain was so intense she opted to go to her doctor.
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A 66-year-old man readied himself for what should have been a single night hospital stay recently in Dallas, where he planned to have a spinal-cord stimulator implanted in his back. The hope was that the device, installed in some 100,000 patients over the last two years, would help him relieve the chronic back pain with which he’d struggled for decades.
Instead, according to the Wall Street Journal, he was wheeled out of the hospital more than a month later, fully paralyzed below the waist.

Charlotte personal injury lawyers
understand that these spinal-cord stimulators have been associated with more than 100 patient reports of permanent or partial paralysis after device implantation into the back. Based on adverse reports to the U.S. Drug Administration and a host of medical malpractice lawsuits, the Journal reports that the primary issue appears to be the way in which a person’s spinal cord is punctured or compressed during the implantation procedure.
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According, understanding how cervical spine injuries occur is important for young athletes and parents.

Football Player.jpg
Our Spartanburg personal injury attorneys feel that it is important to teach proper tackling techniques to young athletes who play contact sports.

A 2009 statement released by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association revealed that managing spinal injuries properly is crucial. Participation in sports leads to a large number of spinal cord injuries in Americans younger than 31.

In areas with warmer climates, golf carts are an enjoyable, easy way to get around the neighborhood or the resort, along the beach or in small communities. While golf carts can be fun on and off the course, it is important to remember golf cart safety. After a recent golf cart accident and death in South Carolina, drivers and passengers should be reminded of the importance of driving and riding safely.

Golf carts are not as fast as cars, but they are definitely not toys. Every year, tragic accidents cause serious injuries and take the lives of drivers, passengers and bystanders. Our Asheville personal injury attorneys are experienced in golf car accidents and will help victims and their families protect their rights. As experienced attorneys, we are committed to public wellness and to keeping North and South Carolina residents safe for tourists and residents.


According to reports, authorities are still investigating the death of a man following a fatal golf cart accident. The 77-year-old victim was driving his golf cart on a road in Sun City Hilton Head. Police indicated that the golf cart veered off the road, struck a car and then a small tree. The Highway Patrol found the victim next to the golf cart following the accident. The golf cart driver and victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he died the next day. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death.
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Throughout the week, headlines have been dominated by the Asiana crash in San Francisco. In addition to the two fatalities, there were hundreds of other injuries to surviving passengers. Reports indicate that many of these passengers in the Asiana plane crash suffered from spinal injuries.

Spinal cord injuries can have long-term consequences for victims. In the most severe cases, victims may suffer from lost mobility or paralysis. Our Chareleston spinal cord injury attorneys are experienced in complex claims involving spinal cord injuries. We are dedicated to helping victims find the medical treatment and financial compensation they need after a serious injury.


According to doctors who treated victims of the Asiana plane crash, the victims suffered serious spinal cord injuries and many of them will need long-term treatment and care. The serious injuries included fractures, stretched ligaments, and head injuries. Reports suggest that the spinal cord injuries were caused by the severe impact when the plane bounced off the runway.

For victims of spinal cord injuries, doctors had to act quickly and take remedial precautions to prevent future injury. Doctors indicated that the spine trauma, including fractures and hyper-extension, required that patients be stabilized to prevent additional spinal cord damage. There are some patients who remain in the hospital in critical condition.

In addition to spinal cord injuries, many of the victims suffered from blunt force trauma caused by seatbelts or head injuries involving seats and armrests. Other injuries included abdominal injuries, head traumas, and orthopedic injures. Many patients required surgery after the plane crash. Doctors said that some of the most severe injuries are traumatic brain injuries that could impact a patient’s well-being for months, or for life.

Doctors responsible for treating the victims stated that many of the victims suffered from the same injuries. The plane crash made international headlines and threatened the lives of 291 passengers and 16 crew members. Before landing in San Francisco, the plane had traveled from Shanghai and made a stop in Seoul. Immediately after the crash, there were over 180 passengers transferred to the hospital and treated for injuries.

Injuries and accidents involving mass transport can result in complicated claims. In this case, injury claims may be even more complicated if the passengers are not allowed to file lawsuits against the negligent airline carrier in the United States. In the event of an accident involving public transportation, including a train, bus, or aircraft, victims should consult with an independent advocate as soon as possible to preserve their rights and interests.

Officials believed that the injuries could have been more substantial and widespread. Of the total flight crew and passengers, 49 suffered serious injuries. For those who suffered spinal cord injuries, recovery could take intensive care and therapy which is always costly. Victims of serious injury should be entitled to make claims against all responsible individuals and entities to help with the cost of treatment, long-term care, and other losses related to the crash.
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Proposed statewide cuts to Medicaid have those who have suffered permanent disability from spinal cord injuries in North Carolina fearing a substandard level of care.


Our Asheville spinal cord injury attorneys are anxiously awaiting the decision by legislators, which could have a substantial impact in the long-term care of some clients.

The fact that our governmental economic stability both at the state and federal level is tenuous, this is all the more reason why someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury must immediately contact an experienced attorney. Often, people who are coping with such a devastating injury are going to require long-term care or at least rehabilitation that is likely to be costly and all-consuming. If you can’t count on the government to help subsidize some of that cost, it is in your best interest to have an attorney who will fight to earn you the best compensation available.

According to the Greenville News, the proposed cuts would directly impact state and county disability centers. For example, an executive at the Greenville County Disabilities and Special Needs board said the changes would mean slashing staff by almost 60 percent. That would mean the case workers who remain – those who provide services to both youth and adults who suffer from a myriad of disabilities, including spinal cord injuries – would have more than double the workload.

It’s a case manager’s job to assess the person’s need and work out a care plan. This helps make sure that the person is able to get the appropriate care.

Legislators, however, are trying to reduce fraud and abuse of the system. The rate that people must pay for services varies a great deal. This has led to people being reimbursed for services they weren’t eligible for or of certain agencies receiving perhaps more than they should have been.

The government says the cost for case management is highly inflated, and that has meant taxpayers have to foot the bill.

However, the agencies that provide services dispute this, and say that if the government intends to slash their funding, it’s going to mean serious consequences for those at the ground level.

A spokeswoman with the state’s Department of Disabilities and Special Needs said that the average salary of a case management worker is about $32,000 annually, and that the cost to provide that service per individual is about $1,500. The accountability is there, the spokeswoman says, because all of the income rates and service fees are reported back to the government each year. What’s more, case managers work hands-on with people who have complex needs.

“These are difficult cases,” she said. “…It takes a lot of time. One size doesn’t fit all.”

And with these changes, a number of private providers who contract with the government say they either won’t be able to continue doing what they do, or they’ll have to cut way back on the services provided. Families and patients worry this could mean they’ll hardly ever see their caseworker.

Almost nobody anticipates a spinal cord injury. It’s an unexpected event, and not one that you might spend your whole life saving for. The government assistance provided does help. The fact that it is now on the chopping block is all the more reason to make sure you have an attorney who will fight to ensure you have been properly compensated by the responsible party that may have caused your injury in the first place. Even if federal and state assistance isn’t cut now, there is nothing to say it couldn’t happen in the next several years.
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