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Parents put a lot of faith in the makers of baby products. We trust that items used to carry, feed and soothe our infants will be manufactured with the utmost care and to the highest standards. Unfortunately, as a recent Reuters Health report reveals, that may not always be the face

A new study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy concluded a child under the age of 3 is injured every eight minutes as a result of accidents related to baby products, such as high chairs, carriers, strollers, walkers and cribs. On average, that means there are 66,000 injuries a year – and that figure only counts the children whose injuries landed them in the hospital emergency department. The report, recently published in the journal Pediatrics, indicates roughly four out of five of these cases can be attributed to falls.

What many are likely to find so troubling about this report is the fact that in 2017, with all our quality control standards and federal regulation, we are still having so many infant product injuries. Many of these incidents are head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries. In fact, this is the No. 1 reason young children wind up hospitalized for product-related injuries. Continue reading

A North Carolina couple is suing the Greenville Health System in South Carolina, as well as a doctor, two medical service providers, and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse for profound and permanent injuries they alleged were inflicted on the couple’s premature newborn

According to WYFF NBC-4, the baby suffered from six broken ribs, bleeding on the brain, and retinal hemorrhages after being in the care of one nurse in particular. Although she was not charged criminally, she was fired. An internal investigation uncovered another prior case in which an infant in her care wound up with a broken arm. She had blamed that injury on the baby’s mother, whom she said was careless in dressing the child.

Now, the parents of this baby say he has been left with profound and potentially permanent physical and mental disabilities as a result of wrongdoing and negligence by the hospital staff.

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As students head back to school this semester, there are a range of potential dangers some may face on school grounds, on the bus or while playing sports. childhand

School districts do have a responsibility to properly supervise children and keep them safe. The extent of that responsibility may vary depending on the circumstances and age of the child. When child injury does occur, it’s important to seek out an experienced injury lawyer because these cases are complex due to the fact the school district is a branch of the government. That means assertions of sovereign immunity may need to be overcome, and these are not simple matters.

In the recent case of Benda v. Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, the question was whether parents were entitled to file a loss of consortium claim against the school district for the severe injuries suffered by their son, when loss of consortium claims are typically reserved for spousal losses.

For those who may be unfamiliar, loss of consortium is a type of claim in which a person alleges damages were suffered by certain family members of a person who was injured or killed by the negligent or intentional wrongful acts of another person. This type of claim can be filed by loved ones of the victim, though it is usually the spouse that reserves this right. Claims for filial loss of consortium may be filed in North Carolina, though these rights vary from state-to-state. Filial loss of consortium claims are meant to compensate a parent or parents for the loss of love and companionship of a child. Some states also allow parental consortium claims.  Continue reading

Child sports injuries are a serious and growing problem in the Carolinas and nationwide. Safe Kids Worldwide estimates 1.35 million kids a year suffer serious sports injuries. That’s one every 25 seconds, and it only accounts for those who are treated in hospital emergency rooms. Every three minutes, a child is treated for a sports-related concussion in an emergency room. In fact, 12 percent of all ER visits involved a concussion.soccer5

It’s the head injuries in particular that plaintiffs in Meher et al v. Federation Internationale de Football Association et al sought to address. Specifically, these were a group of parents and former youth soccer players who filed a class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in California who alleged FIFA, U.S. Soccer and the American Youth Soccer Organization were negligent in treatment and monitoring of head injuries.

This was one of the few negligence lawsuits in which plaintiffs sought no financial damages. Rather, they wanted only rule changes. Despite this, FIFA has been on the defense side of the table in a number of lawsuits alleging head injuries, just like other professional leagues such as the NHL, NFL and NCAA. This summer, a federal judge ruled this particular case against FIFA had no standing, but the case against U.S. Soccer was allowed to proceed. Continue reading

A Winston-Salem woman previously employed by a daycare is facing legal action in both criminal and civil court after an incident of alleged abuse at the center involving a 5-year-old boy. daycare

The 32-year-old defendant was arrested in June on charges of intentional abuse of a child inflicting serious injury, negligent child abuse inflicting serious physical injury, assault on a child under 12 and misdemeanor child abuse charges.  According to her arrest warrant, defendant slid the child across the floor of the day care center and then held him while instructing another child to hit him repeatedly.

Authorities say the young boy was covered in scratches and bruises across his body, including on his torso and arm, as a result of the attack.

Two months after the woman was arrested, plaintiffs – parents of the child – filed a civil lawsuit against both the worker and the day care center. Continue reading

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